Top Complaint Lawyers Receive: Attorney-Client Communication

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What bothers clients more than anything? Not keeping them in the loop. From a client’s point of view, no amount of expertise or legal talent outweighs their need to be informed. A major part of providing strong assistance of counsel is providing clear communication. In fact, frequent and clear attorney-client communication is crucial to running a successful law practice.

Lack of attorney-client communication is the most common complaint made against lawyers. There is no good reason to let this happen. There are more options than ever before allowing attorneys to keep in touch with their clients. Phone. E-mail. Text messaging. Fax. Snail mail and much more.

Yes, clients want to win their cases, that’s a given. But while they may understand that not every case can be won, they won’t accept that their matter doesn’t deserve your attention. If you fail to maintain the proper amount of attorney-client communication, clients may assume that you aren’t actually doing anything at all.

So what are some good ways to keep clients in the loop?

  • Write case memos and send them to clients as their case progresses
  • Notify clients when adding a court date to your calendar, so they can add it to theirs
  • Promptly return phone calls, e-mails and other electronic communication
  • Scan or copy case files, and share them with the client
  • Consider setting up a digital file system that allows clients to access their file and review it

Taking a few simple steps to keep your client engaged can make a massive difference in your practice. Not only will you have happier clients, but they will be more likely to bring facts to your attention that will help you win the case.